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ITSM-Berlin:IT Service, Consulting und Management


Here you will find a small selection of the companies we support, besides taking care of privat households:

RCC Polymertechnik GmbH Berlin-Brandenburg

One in Berlin-Brandenburg located company that has a high level expertise in the field of materials, process engineering and development of equipment for power distribution for medium and high voltage engineering.

ITSM Berlin supporting RCC Polymertechnik GmbH in the area IT Service, Web Service and IT Security.


Wellness Shitsu München


  • is rooted in the Far Eastern philosophy
  • is energetic body work
  • stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to (be competent for settling and replenishing the energy stores)
  • designed for your relaxation and acts against everyday stress
  • stimulates your self-healing powers and promotes well-being
  • support your healthy

ITSM-Berlin supporting in Typo3.


Technik Partner Berlin

... for research, industry and trade since 1998- Our core competence is the trade of industrial and hazardous materials and technical accessories ...


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